About us

Caring is the act of the heart to support others with of love. Care is what AfrikaBurn needs now to survive. Sustainability is the only thing that can ensure the survival of this cultural gathering.

But what if we can solve it all together, in unity for and with AfrikaBurn?

Burner Claudia has asked herself this question more than once ... until she came up with an idea, an opportunity that makes it possible to support AfrikaBurn and its community of artists at the same time, in our increasingly digitalized world. Her fundraising project offers a future oriented, creative, uniting and sustainable solution to the funding problem of AfrikaBurn. At the same time, it provides artists from all over the world with a platform that is progressive and expansive. Furthermore, it is a matter of concern for her and AfrikaBurn to stand up for people, animals and the environment – these aspects are also being supported by this fundraising project.

The «save the clan » project focuses on NFT (non fungible tokens), which is virtual art in digital form based on a crypto currency. But wait… crypto? Yes, and for those who think sustainability and crypto do not go together will be thrilled to learn about the first co2 neutral currency, NEAR!

You wanna learn more, reach out to us - we look forward to chat with you!

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